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Tinctures are alcohol extracts from herbs. With alcohol you can get active substances from a plant that are difficult to dissolve in water. The right ratio of alcohol, water and herbs means you get very potent and effective extracts. Many of our tinctures are made from fresh herbs, so no active ingredients can be lost during the drying process.

In Chinese medicine, it is common to use several herbs at once. Health complaints often arise from a mix of factors, a combination of different metabolic processes. By combining herbs you get the most effective approach to all these processes at once.

In April 2021, our tinctures have been renamed to indicate more clearly how they can be used.

  • Long Qi Tonic => Fyto+ Ademvrij
  • Li Qi moving PM => Fyto+ Rustbrenger
  • Li Qi Moving PD => Fyto+ Nerveuze buik
  • Xue tonic => Fyto+ Net niet fit
  • Li Drain Damp Eye => Fyto+ Helder zicht
  • Li Drain Damp Skin => Fyto+ Rustige huid
  • Yin tonic => Fyto+ Leverkracht

Fyto+ Ademvrij tincture 100ml

Ademvrij is the alternative for the Chinese formula Yu Ping Feng. It is a strong Long Qi Tonifier an..


Ex Tax: €17.89
Fyto+ Chaga tincture

Chaga is a mushroom that mainly grows on birch trees. It doesn't really look like a mushroom, rather..


Ex Tax: €11.47
Fyto+ Flame tincture 100ml

Ontstekingswaardes ontstaan vaak in de darmen. Darmbacteriën kunnen ontstekingsbevorderende eiwitten..


Ex Tax: €17.89
Fyto+ Helder zicht

A dry, burning sensation in the eyes can be caused by Liver Damp-Heat, according to Chinese medicine..


Ex Tax: €11.47
Fyto+ Leverkracht tincture

The liver ensures good energy management in many ways. For example, by regulating blood sugar, blood..


Ex Tax: €11.47
Fyto+ Net niet fit tincture

If the work, study, and / or caring tasks become too much for you due to persistent stress, you have..


Ex Tax: €11.47
Fyto+ Opgeblazen buik tincture

Our immediate eastern neighbors have developed a great herbal formula, which is very effective for s..


Ex Tax: €11.47
Fyto+ Rustbrenger tincture

Persistent tension is disastrous for your health. In the TCM they even have a special indication for..


Ex Tax: €11.47
Fyto+ Rustige huid



Ex Tax: €11.79
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