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Zinc Test

  • Zinc Test
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<h3>Check quickly for zinc deficiency</h3>
<p>Zinc is one of the trace elements that is often deficient. At the same time, zinc is often taken preventively, even though there is no zinc deficiency at all. If there is no zinc deficiency, zinc supplementation can, among other things, lead to copper shortages.
  </p><p>One of the effects of zinc deficiency is that certain types of taste buds work less well. These taste buds absorb the zinc from this Zinc Test until they start working again. How much Zinc test is needed to activate the taste buds is therefore an indication of the degree of zinc deficiency.
    </p><p><b>Usage</b><br>Put 2 milliliters (4 pipettes) of zinc test in a glass and taste whether it tastes dry or metallic immediately or within 10 seconds.
  </p><p>If the zinc test tastes like water, there is a zinc deficiency.
    </p><p><b>Indications</b><br>Suspicion of zinc deficiency, long-term zinc use.
      </p><p><b>Contents:</b>50 ml
        </p><p><b>Ingredients: </b> Distilled water, zinc sulphate.

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