Heat clearing

Ba Zheng Pian - Octo Form

A formula for urinary problems. Clears damp-heat from the BladderIndications: Dark, cloudy urine, pa..


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Bai He Gu Jin Pian - Lily Form

Nourishes Lung and Kidney Yin and moisturises the Lung. Clears phlegm and clears Heat. Indications: ..


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Bai Hu Ke Li - White Tiger Form

Activates the bodily fluids. Clears Qi Heat. Calms Stomach Fire and disperses fever.Indicatios: High..


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Bi Xie Shen She Ke Li - Dioscorea Form

Clears Heat and invigorates the Blood Indications: Damp Heat in lower Jiao, Damp-Heat with Blood sta..


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Bi Yan Pian - Freenose Form

Used for Wind-Heat or Wind-Cold in the Upper Heater.Indications: Sinusproblems, Hayfever, throat inf..


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Huang Lian Jie Du Pian - Four Yellow Form

Herbal formula that drains fire and  clears Heat. Main effect is on the three Jiaos.It is a for..


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Jia Wei Zuo Jin Pian - Digestion Form

This herbal formula is a variation on Zuo Jin Pian - Stomach form that mainly soothes Liver Heat and..


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Niu Huang Jie Du Pian - Yellow Form

This formula clears Heat in the head and upper body.Indications:infected sinussesmouth ulcersdental ..


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Zhen Yang Gou Teng Pian - Uncaria Form

This formula clears Heat and Nourishes Xue (Blood) and Yang.Use: 3 x 2 tabs a dayContent: 60 tabs..


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Zhen Zhu Fen Jiao Nang - Pearl Powder Form

Pearl powder has been used for centuries in the TCM for calming the nerves and removing toxins.Indic..


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