Immune system

Ba Zheng Pian - Octo form

A formula for urinary problems. Clears damp-heat from the BladderIndications: Dark, cloudy urine, pa..


Ex Tax: €8.90
Bai Hu Ke Li - White tiger form

Activates the bodily fluids. Clears Qi Heat. Calms Stomach Fire and disperses fever.Indicatios: High..


Ex Tax: €20.57
Bu zhong yi qi pian - Middle form

Strengthens the middle Heater and nourishes Qi.Replenishes Spleen and Stomach Qi, rises sunken Yang ..


Ex Tax: €8.96
Dang Gui Bu Xue Ke Li - Angelsine Form



Ex Tax: €20.57
Fyto+ Ademvrij tincture 100ml

Ademvrij is the alternative for the Chinese formula Yu Ping Feng. It is a strong Long Qi Tonifier an..


Ex Tax: €17.89
Fyto+ Chaga tincture

Chaga is a mushroom that mainly grows on birch trees. It doesn't really look like a mushroom, rather..


Ex Tax: €11.47
Ganoderma Lucidum - Ling Zhi

Ganoderma or Reishi is one of the most potent mushrooms in the Chinese medicine.It's taste is sweet ..


Ex Tax: €26.61
Hua Fen Qing Pian - Pollen form

Herbal formula for hayfever and  other allergic reactions.These herbs support the Wei Qi.Use: 3..


Ex Tax: €9.40
Huang Lian Jie Du Pian - Four Yellow Form

Herbal formula that drains fire and  clears Heat. Main effect is on the three Jiaos.It is a for..


Ex Tax: €9.40
Ling Zhi Jiao Nang - Ganoderma



Ex Tax: €18.40
Long dan xie gan Ke Li - Gentiana form



Ex Tax: €21.23
Long dan xie gan pian - Gentiana form



Ex Tax: €8.96
Ping xiao pian - Softening form



Ex Tax: €8.96
Shen Qi Da Bu Pian - Double force form

This formula gives energy and supports the immunesystem. It is a general formula to nourish Spleen, ..


Ex Tax: €6.65
Yin qiao ji du pian - Silver form



Ex Tax: €9.25
Yu ping feng ke li - Jade screen form

Enhances Wei Qi, stops perspiration, prevents external wind attacks.Indications: Allergies, sensitiv..


Ex Tax: €22.93
Yu ping feng pian - Jade screen form



Ex Tax: €9.40
Yu Ping Feng Wan - Jade screen form



Ex Tax: €7.15
Zhen Yang Gou Teng Pian - Uncaria form

This formula clears Heat and Nourishes Xue (Blood) and Yang.Use: 3 x 2 tabs a dayContent: 60 tabs..


Ex Tax: €11.01
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