Bai He Gu Jin Pian - Lily Form

Nourishes Lung and Kidney Yin and moisturises the Lung. Clears phlegm and clears Heat. Indications: ..


Ex Tax: €11.47
Bi Yan Pian - Freenose Form

Used for Wind-Heat or Wind-Cold in the Upper Heater.Indications: Sinusproblems, Hayfever, throat inf..


Ex Tax: €10.55
Er Chen Ke Li - Duo Damp Form

Vapor in TCM is a way of describing how mucus or fluid slows down the body. It can therefore be abou..


Ex Tax: €25.23
Er Chen Pian - Duo Damp Form

Damp in TCM is a way of describing how mucus or fluids slows down the body. It can therefore be abou..


Ex Tax: €10.55
Fyto+ Free Breathing Tincture 100ml

Ademvrij is the alternative for the Chinese formula Yu Ping Feng. It is a strong Long Qi Tonifier an..


Ex Tax: €17.89
Hua Fen Qing Pian - Pollen Form

Herbal formula for hayfever and  other allergic reactions.These herbs support the Wei Qi.Use: 3..


Ex Tax: €10.55
Jin Kui Shen Qi Pian - Sexoton Form



Ex Tax: €10.55
Ling Zhi Bao Zi Fen Jiao Nang - Ganoderma Spore Form

These capsules consist for the most part of Reishi spores, supplemented with the Reishi itself. Trad..


Ex Tax: €20.18
Ling Zhi Jiao Nang - Ganoderma Form



Ex Tax: €20.18
Yin Xing Ye Pian - Ginkgo Leaves Form

This formula is an astringent for the Lungs and dispells phlegm.Ingredients: Ginkgo nutContent: 60 t..


Ex Tax: €13.76
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