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Zinc methionine 22mg 90 caps

  • Zinc methionine 22mg 90 caps
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The most absorbable form of zinc

Zinc deficiency is common. And this while zinc is essential for the production of more than 300 types of proteins, energy management, digestion, the immune system, hair growth, etc.

Zinc can be supplemented in various forms. Zinc methionine is the most absorbable form of zinc. Typically, about 40% of zinc is absorbed from the diet. The absorption of zinc methionine is 80%. This makes zinc methionine the most absorbable form of zinc.

Because we only need about 10 milligrams of zinc every day, fillers are used to make zinc capsules or tablets. The most commonly used filler is magnesium stearate, which has no function in the body. The filler in these zinc capsules is inulin. This sweet-tasting fiber is not only tasty, but is also a prebiotic for the intestinal flora.

1 capsule per day on an empty stomach or with a meal with water.

Acidification complaints, fatigue, weak nails, hair loss, weak blood vessels, brittle bones.

Contents: 90 capsules

Inulin from Jerusalem artichoke, zinc methionine. Capsule: HPMC (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose). Nutritional values ​​per capsule:
Zinc methionine 22mg 220%

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